Frangible ammo is the key to evolved, reality-based training and recreational shooting that allows more flexibility in your trip to the gun range or shooting facility. While every precaution taken for shooting lead ammunition still applies to frangible use, a safe and experienced shooter is able to maneuver through shooting drills, shoot houses and military-caliber exercises, shooting steel and other targets without the risk of a ricochet causing harm to yourself or others alongside you.

The more scientific answer: Jacketless Frangible Ammo is jacketless compressed projectiles that break apart when striking targets made of harder material than themselves. Again, allowing for a safer shooting experience for shooters ranging from law enforcement, to military, to hobbyists.

Not only is it safer for the shooter using Frangible Ammunition, it is also less destructive on the targets used.

But don’t get the wrong impression: frangible bullets feel and perform similarly to lead-based alternatives.

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