All Commonwealth frangible ammunition is manufactured in the USA using exclusive, certified, copper based composite materials and a controlled heat treatment process.
Our projectiles are uniformly designed allowing for functional reliability offering superior accuracy, controlled fragmentation and repeatable performance.

Unlike traditional lead based projectiles, which can ricochet or fragment into large pieces, Commonwealth Ammunition’s frangible, lead-free projectiles literally crumble into small particles upon impact with surfaces harder than themselves.

Commonwealth Ammunition is ideal for close quarter steel plate shooting and tactical operations.

The molded-in taper crimp design provides bullet/case retention and promotes:

Functional Reliability

Controlled Frangibility

Reduced Hazard

No Ricochet

Inherent Accuracy

Decrease Bore Wear

Reduced Bore Fouling

Easy Bore Clean Up

Increased Velocity at Reduced Pressure

Proven combinations provide consistent and repeatable results during production of small or large quantities. Accuracy, function, reliability, frangibility, fragmentation, ballistic matching, appearance and attention to detail are all very important.

When applicable all rounds are produced to meet SAAMI specifications. They also satisfy all criteria for a reduced hazard training projectile, including FLETC and FBI specifications for frangibility. These 100% lead-free projectiles function reliably and show no unusual wear on the weapon in long-term testing.

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