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Commonwealth Ammunition is a premium ammunition manufacturer focused on providing law enforcement, range facilities and responsibly armed civilians with Purpose – Built Ammunition of the highest quality. Our primary product and the focus of our constant research and development is top of the line frangible ammunition, the key ingredient to modern firearms and tactical training.  Frangible allows for dynamic training and the opportunity to engage with steel targets with reduced ricochet.

We achieve consistent, safe, and accurate frangible ammo by loading only quality components on caliber specific machinery. This guaranteed-quality manufacturing process is centered on a philosophy of mechanical and ultra-precise assembly systems, paired with our team’s experienced and professional vision for what makes the perfect Frangible cartridge.

Our obsession with quality extends beyond our daily internal testing and through additional external ammunition tests by industry respected professionals several times a year.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing high-quality frangible ammunition and we settle for nothing less than proven systems producing proven results.

Simply put: We do this the Same Way Every Time – #SWET®.

The Commonwealth team is proud to employ dedicated and long-term personnel that have combined over 30 years making high quality, low cost, purpose built ammunition.

Our staff includes engineers, law enforcement and former military personnel, certified instructors/trainers, and experienced technicians.

To build the best Purpose – Built Ammunition®, it takes focus. It takes drive. And it takes S.W.E.T.

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