Frequently Asked Questions

Frangible ammunition allows you to shoot steel targets much closer than standard lead ammunition due to its drastically reduced ricochet and spalling.  While every precaution taken for shooting lead ammunition still applies to frangible use, a safe and experienced shooter is able to maneuver through standard shooting drills, shoot houses and move-and-shoot exercises, without the risk of a ricochet causing harm to yourself or others alongside you.

Simply put: Commonwealth frangible ammunition breaks apart when it hits a target made of material harder than itself.  This results in a safer shooting experience.

But don’t get the wrong impression: frangible bullets feel and perform similarly to lead-based alternatives.

All Commonwealth frangible ammunition is manufactured in the USA using exclusive, certified, copper based composite materials and a controlled heat treatment process.Our projectiles are uniformly designed allowing for functional reliability offering superior accuracy, controlled fragmentation and repeatable performance.

Unlike traditional lead based projectiles, which can ricochet or fragment into large pieces, Commonwealth Ammunition’s frangible, lead-free projectiles literally crumble into small particles upon impact with surfaces harder than themselves.

Commonwealth Ammunition is ideal for close quarter, steel plate shooting.

Compared to other frangible our molded-in taper crimp design provides bullet/case retention and promotes:

  • Functional Reliability
  • Controlled Frangibility
  • Reduced Hazard
  • Diminished Ricochet
  • Inherent Accuracy
  • Decrease Bore Wear
  • Reduced Bore Fouling
  • Easy Bore Clean Up
  • Increased Velocity at Reduced Pressure

Our ammunition provides consistent and repeatable results during production of small or large quantities. Accuracy, function, reliability, frangibility, fragmentation, ballistic matching, appearance and attention to detail sets us apart from the pack.

Our ammunition satisfies all criteria for a reduced hazard training projectile as defined by FLETC and FBI specifications for frangibility. These 100% lead-free projectiles function reliably and show no unusual wear on the weapon in long-term testing.

All ammunition is dangerous when used improperly. The benefits of frangible bullets in no way preclude a complete lack of risk.  Proper firearms training and safety precautions that a shooter would take with full metal jacket or hollow point ammunition are still recommended. Our jacketless frangible ammunition does ricochet significantly less than jacketed ammunition.  Given that our ammunition is Purpose—Built, it is meant to be used for specific needs; and within those scenarios where Frangible is king (training, gun range, police and military drills, e.g.), it is substantially safer to use for the basic fact that it produces reduced ricochet, mitigating the potential for dangerous and unintended human impact.

Our frangible bullets are by standard practice lead free, a quality we value for not only its environmental benefits but also for the shooter’s health. Depending on your requirements/preference we offer frangible that is loaded with both lead free and standard primers.

RETAIL – Most standard retail ammunition orders leave our warehouse within three (3) business days of purchase. Our standard retail ammo options are all available to purchase on our website, but for any additional needs or concerns, please contact us for more specific questions about your order. Please include your name and order number in your message for quicker and more effective response.

LAW ENFORCEMENT (LE) – Most of our orders ship within 60 days from the date the purchase order is received. For effective, straightforward results, please contact your law enforcement representative to handle your requests or you can email us directly at